tips for selling your home: cleaning and painting
  • While you're packing things away, it might be a good idea to pack away your valuables too. This will give a little extra peace of mind while strangers are in your home.

  • While you are getting everything put away so that your home looks inviting to those who come to see it, don't forget to make it smell inviting also.

  • Clean out the litter box and keep it clean while your house is on the market. You never know when someone will want to come to view it. Buy products from the hardware store or pet shop if needed to keep pet odors away.

  • Keep windows open at opposite ends of the house for ventilation so your house has that fresh air smell. Ou can also put out bowls of potpourri to add pleasant aromas to the air.

  • Draperies and carpets are odor magnets. Having them steam cleaned can remove the odors you are accustomed to but that might drive away a prospective buyer.

  • Painting the walls a warm white can make a home feel clean and inviting. It also provides a neutral background for picturing other furnishings in the home. This may be the single best investment you can make to show your home at its' best.

tips for selling your home: uncluttering
  • Pack away everything you don't need right now. Winter stuff, holiday items, anything that can be stored out of sight. Or better yet store at a relative or friends house.

  • Don't have too many knick-knacks out. Keep these to a few and group them for a nice effect.

  • Store away those books you aren't using... and the sports equipment not in season. The more you pack now the less you will have to pack when it's actually time to move... And the more you store away from the house the larger your storage areas will look.

  • Do you have a lot of pictures, photos or decorative items on the walls? Or posters in your teens bedroom? It's nice to keep a few pictures up but leave a lot of open wall for prospective buyers to imagine their own things there.

  • Kitchens & bathrooms should be kept as free of stuff as possible. You should remove anything you can do without. And those things you do need to keep out always keep neat. Also hide the garbage and trash containers out of sight.

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